名称: Bode 100 网络分析仪

型号: BODE100
品牌: omicron-lab

BODE100 网络分析仪 ,可以分析EMI滤波器插入损耗,线缆的损耗分析,语音分离器的损耗。

BODE100 网络分析仪 ,可以分析EMI滤波器插入损耗,线缆的损耗分析,语音分离器的损耗。


If the wide frequency range from 1 Hz to 40 MHz fits your needs the full beauty of the Bode 100 will impress you. With the Bode 100 and the included Bode Analyzer Suite you are all set for your daily power supply and RF testing challenges.
With Bode 100 you are ready to measure


  • Stability analysis of open loops (Nyquist criterion)
  • Bode plots of control circuits
  • Complex gain of amplifiers and filters
  • Complex impedance and admittance
  • Swept S-parameters of electronic circuits (filters, amplifiers, bipolar transistors ... )
  • Influence of termination on amplifiers or filters
  • Frequency dependent impedance of high-Q circuits like oscillating crystals
  • Reflection coefficient and return loss
  • Reflection of a circuit, and display in a Smith chart and/or
  • Reflection of antennas and display in VSWR format
  • Group delay characteristics of your DUT
  • and so much more ... 

 The multifunctional Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer system is comprised of a flexible hardware design and the Bode Analyzer Suite for Windows™. Because of its outstanding price-performance ratio the system is ideal for industrial applications, as well as, research and educational labs.

Special Features

Data transfer and reporting could not be easier!

  • Just click a button and the Bode 100 provides you with a print report containing all relevant information.
  • Generate reports in own your style - simply paste measurement results, charts and equipment settings into your documents by using the Bode 100’s extended copy to clipboard functionality.
  • Process your measurement results with your favorite tool including Excel by exporting all measurement values into a csv file.
  • Save your entire equipment set-up (including measurement values). Load saved set-ups to simply reuse your measurements. Share stored set-ups with you colleagues and analyze the data offline on any PC.

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